According To An Insideview Product Executive, Data Integrity Will Meet The Cleaning And Visualization Needs Of B2b Businesses


In a continued drive to retain former customers of Salesforce’s customer base, InsideView is developing Data Integrity, a solution it promises will both cleanse sales information and make it simpler to produce dashboard-style displays.

The launch of Data Integrity came after InsideView unveiled a data diagnostic tool and an artificial intelligence application to match businesses and customers in July. The company has been actively marketing itself as a rival to’s Clean and Prospector, solutions that has previously offered to businesses to help their customer relationship management (CRM), but which will be formally discontinued next year.

According to InsideView’s head of product, Adam Perry, several of the Data Integrity’s features were sought by anxious users who wanted a smooth transition when was no longer available.

According to Perry, the effect was undeniable. But InsideView has long seen a huge market need for an elite Data Management service.

Perry claimed that as Data Integrity updates and appends key data to CRM records that are significant to both teams, teams like sales and marketing may be united around a single source of truth. InsideView Data Integrity also gives sales and marketing the breathing room they need by supporting a number of business process activities that are essential to both of them, he continued.