AP Automation Can Help Finance Teams Save $400 Per Invoice


Efficiency is essential to retaining profits in a period where macro-issues dominate and inflation is rampant.

Chief financial officers (CFOs) and their finance teams often understand the need to operate more effectively.

Because transaction volumes are rising and supply chains are still insecure, those financial experts’ expectations are likewise rising.

Cost reduction, according to OpenEnvoy CEO Matthew Tillman, is a primary objective. And the options for cutting costs often center on how to automate the time-consuming tasks that required the attention of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of personnel.

However, there are additional possibilities that might be used when the choice does not have to be as obvious. Tillman asserts that companies may benefit from automation by concentrating their workforce on more strategic, specialized tasks, starting with the bills they will be paying.

Companies overpay and are unaware of it because people are reading the newspaper, Tillman told Webster.