B2B eCommerce Industry Leaders will Gather at OroVibe 2022


Oro, Inc., the pioneering e-commerce company behind OroCommerce, the leading open source B2B digital commerce platform, announced today the much-anticipated return of OroVibe, its flagship digital commerce event. On Thursday, October 6, 2022, a historic celebration will take place in Paris to mark the Oro ecosystem’s swift global expansion. The next year, for the first time, a North American OroVibe event would take place.

At the highly anticipated events, which coincide with Oro’s 10th anniversary and recognize the company’s rapidly growing community, hundreds of today’s top B2B, B2C, and B2X merchants will have the opportunity to learn more about Oro’s market-leading solutions.

The keynotes and panels on the OroVibe agenda are filled with information on new and improved Oro features as well as the most recent B2B trends and digital commerce strategies. Additionally, Oro clients will get the chance to talk on stage about their digitization journeys and network with B2B colleagues and global eCommerce thinking leaders.

At this year’s OroVibe, the 2022 Oro Brilliance Awards, celebrating the most innovative and successful B2B executives from a range of sectors, will also be given out. The annual awards will recognize the most creative and effective ways that Oro’s digital commerce solutions have been used, as well as the partnerships and alliances that have helped B2B merchants and their customers over the past year.

Later this year, when Oro also holds the inaugural North American OroVibe event, the company’s rapid expansion in the country and beyond will be honored. Similar to its European counterpart, the U.S. OroVibe will honor Oro’s clients, partners, and the continent’s booming B2B eCommerce market by bringing together top B2B and eCommerce leaders from around the globe.

Yoav Kutner, the CEO and co-founder of Oro, said: “There’s no better way to celebrate Oro’s 10th anniversary this year than by bringing back OroVibe.”

“In light of the recent challenges faced by digital merchants, OroVibe is a gathering place for B2B eCommerce executives to get inspiration, make contacts, and share cutting-edge success strategies. We’re excited to catch up with everyone in our ecosystem, including devoted customers, dependable partners, and friends from many industries.”