Businesses Utilizing Nuvei May Now Incorporate Payments For Platforms


Through the worldwide growth of Nuvei for Platforms, a Canadian FinTech startup called Nuvei is enabling integrated payments for companies to use as a tool for client retention.

The platform is intended to enable digital commerce, banking, and FinTech platforms the capability to incorporate a secure payments alternative into their own platforms, according to a news release issued on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

This invention fits with the trend of companies attempting to increase revenue and keep consumers.

Through this new embedded payments platform, a tool to provide their client customers with the greatest experience possible, Nuvei is assisting in making this trend a priority.

According to Nuvei CEO and Chair Philip Fayer, “Nuvei for Platforms allows customers access to the most cutting-edge payment processing technology, and under their own brand if they wish.”

Businesses need creative payment technologies to be competitive, but they also need to be prepared for flawless payments in every setting, whether traditional or virtual, according to a recent paper titled Modernizing Payments For Marketplaces, Gaming, The Metaverse, And Beyond.

Businesses require a simple approach to deploy integrated payments technology, which payments service providers like Nuvei must provide for them in order to retain and expand their client base.