Confluent Provides Partners With The Ability To Improve Their Data Offerings


Confluent has launched a tool to help its clients manage their data streams.

Confluent’s technology partner program, announced in a news release on Tuesday, July 18, enables Confluent’s partners to “bring fully managed data streams directly to their customers through native integrations with Confluent Cloud.”

It also provides you with access to Confluent’s expertise in technical, sales, and marketing support to help you with your go-to-market strategies.

“When companies can harness streams of real-time data from previously siloed teams and applications across their business, it creates a powerful network effect that opens up new avenues for growth and innovation,” noted Erica Schultz, the company’s president of field operations.

“Technology partners unlock the potential for more cutting-edge, real-time applications to be developed on their platforms by bringing Confluent data streams directly into their architectures.”