FaceCake and Company.Com collaborate on ‘Self-Serve’ AR Commerce


FaceCake is teaming with financial services platform Company.com to enable small and medium-sized firms, influencers, and content producers with access to FaceCake’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven augmented reality (AR) visual commerce platform.

“This first-to-market AR “self-serve” functionality will provide quick and easy sign-up options with automated onboarding, making FaceCake’s immersive AR technology integration a seamless operation regardless of shop or brand size.”

In the fourth quarter of this year, the platform will become worldwide. According to the companies, the initiative combines FaceCake’s AI/AR shopping platform and AR product creation with Company.com’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which includes client onboarding, automated marketing and billing, and identity and access management.

FaceCake founder and CEO Linda Smith stated, “This cooperation will make FaceCake’s next-generation AR Try-On experiences even more accessible to stores, brands, and content creators.” “Democratizing our AI/AR Shopping platform and allowing the ubiquity of our customized Virtual Try-On, in order to meet today’s customer expectations.”

FaceCake’s AR Virtual Try-On for glasses, cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, accessories, and shoes, according to the companies, is part of their offering.

“This is an intriguing new use of our platform, and the technology is right in our wheelhouse,” said Bill Wade, founder, and CEO of Company.com. “We’ve spent years building services that offer enterprise capabilities to small and medium-sized businesses, eventually benefiting both our customers and end users,” says the company. Our partnership with FaceCake takes things to the next level.”