Facepay Introduces Guaranteed Text-to-Pay as a Payments Platform for Auto Repair Shops


To notify clients of the outstanding balance, submit payments, and release vehicles as soon as possible, service advisors will text or email them. The convenience of moving to a direct banking platform and the due balance payments given by service advisers ensure that “every payment made is paid.”

The news release claims that all Facepay transactions would guarantee same-day clearing, be 15% more lucrative, and operate within minutes, avoiding drawn-out disagreements or misunderstandings.

According to Mark Hale, the founder of Facepay, credit card processors and management systems will be able to use the technology to help with successful transactions, eliminating bribes and processing costs.

Since cryptocurrency payments cannot be modified once they are recorded on the blockchain, technology is ultimately what determines the outcome. That explains why blockchain is more effective at preventing duplicate spending.

Chargeback safety, as used in the context of cryptocurrencies, relates to how long a blockchain would be shielded against a 51% attack that would allow nefarious parties to acquire control. It is possible on the smaller, less populated blockchains, but it is not practicable on the bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains due to the high level of expertise and resources required.

Because chargebacks cost merchants $35 billion in 2021, it is essential that bitcoin purchases do not frequently result in chargebacks.

Bitcoin is “much speedier” than conventional financial instruments, according to Stephen Pair, CEO of cryptocurrency payments technology business BitPay, because a payment only takes 10 minutes to complete as opposed to up to 90 days for Visa and Mastercard.