Google Warns The Indian Court That The Antitrust Ruling Will Harm The Android Ecosystem


According to Google, an Indian antitrust verdict would be detrimental to the Android ecosystem. According to a Google court filing that is not publicly available, the company informed the Indian Supreme Court that the antitrust order will impede the development of the Indian ecosystem by requiring Google to change its agreements with thousands of app developers and a thousand device manufacturers.

According to the story, Google argued in the appeal that the ecosystem of device makers, app developers, and consumers had evolved greatly and was on the verge of collapsing owing to the remedial instructions.

According to the report, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) issued an antitrust order and fine to Google in October, asking the company to stop preventing Android phone users in India from deleting its apps and to stop tying the licencing of its Play Store to a requirement to pre-install its apps.

Google noted in the report that these constraints allow them to continue delivering Android for free.

Google noted in its court statement that “no other country has ever asked such far-reaching revisions based on comparable conduct,” according to the newspaper.