Grab aspires to be profitable and efficient by 2024


This year, a new technology known as “Just-in-Time Allocation” was introduced to improve the accuracy of time estimations for food preparation. Orders are routed to drivers in such a way that they arrive just before or soon after the meal is ready for pickup.

“This lowered driver-partner wait time from our network by over 12 million minutes in July 2022 alone compared to February 2022, when we initiated this initiative,” according to the press release.

Grab plans to boost productivity by improving on-demand efficiency in key industries. Thanks to innovative technologies, driver-partners may now make fewer stops, deliver more goods at once, and enhance total productivity.

“We’ve been working hard to improve our profitability and provide long-term growth.” According to Grab CEO Anthony Tan, “after ten years and ten billion journeys, we still feel like we’re just getting started on our quest to improve Southeast Asia.”

He went on to explain that the area has a “huge runway of development” and that Grab is well-positioned to capitalize on the multiple opportunities.

Tan remarked, “We will aspire to be the largest and greatest on-demand platform for local trade and mobility in Southeast Asia.”