Grubhub Announces Amazon Canada Partnership With DoorDash


The last-mile delivery, B2B distribution, and eCommerce fulfillment capabilities of Flexport, a worldwide logistics operator, have been added to the company’s list of services with the acquisition of Shopify Logistics.

The arrangement became Flexport the official Shopify Logistics Partner and the preferred Shop Promise provider, enabling customers to select between two-day and next-day delivery options and precise shipment dates.

Flexport CEO Dave Clark predicts that the acquisition would simplify processes throughout the global supply chain, “democratizing and leveling the playing field of cost and speed of delivery for all businesses.” There will also be “3 million square feet of warehouse space to support merchants during the upcoming holiday season” made accessible.

In 2031, it is expected that the market for last-mile delivery services would have grown to over $357.45 billion due to increased commerce between cities and nearby countries. This is also partly a result of a rise in the demand for package delivery brought on by rising eCommerce sales in emerging countries.

The Asia Pacific region and developed nations like the United States and Canada are also anticipated to take home a sizable portion of the last-mile delivery earnings. “This is attributable to the growing need for customized workflow, automation, and simplifying complex operational processes, which have greatly influenced how firms conduct their operations,” claims InsighAce Analytic.