Intershop and Luminos Labs have a partnership for a B2B e-commerce platform


In order to help companies offer more digital commerce options, B2B commerce platform Intershop, which serves manufacturing and distribution companies, will work with digital commerce systems integrator Luminos Labs.

Companies that transact with other businesses are seeking ways to enhance the quality of their online buying. B2B companies will be able to advance and improve their digital commerce skills thanks to the collaboration.

Consumers “expect to complete every step of our purchasing process through any channel; digital or physical,” according to Andy Stanis, executive vice president, and managing director for Intershop North America. B2B buyers also have the same omnichannel expectations despite the added complexity brought on by B2B operations. Luminos Labs has been a leading implementation company for more than 12 years and has successfully completed hundreds of difficult B2B eCommerce projects.

He asserts that “our ability to adapt to a multitude of demands, advise and execute, and combine business and Intershop technology delivers digital experiences at scale and offers proven outcomes.”

Prior to doing this, Intershop recently purchased 80% of the equity of the software company Sparque.

Sparque granted Intershop a license to use its B2C and B2B eCommerce technology, which enables customized searches and product recommendations, as part of the arrangement.

The Microsoft Azure Cloud SaaS solution was also included by Intershop, and it will be made available to companies who do not utilize the Intershop Commerce platform.

Although Intershop will also obtain it in 2026, Sparque’s shareholders and present management will keep the remaining 20% of the company’s shares.