Kantola Introduces Training Programs for Inclusive Management


The new Inclusive Management course series from Kantola Training Solutions, a leader in the eLearning industry and a name trusted by more than 15,000 companies, is an essential manager-specific addition to its all-staff foundational DEI training.

Kantola created this training course to assist firms that are having a hard time advancing DEI. Although they really desire to promote a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, many groups struggle to make those objectives a reality.

According to recent industry assessments, just 4% of firms have reached the “expert stage” of their DEI initiatives, while only 18% of organizations are at the “advanced level” of their DEI projects. Additionally, just 9% of workers believe that the DEI efforts of their organization are successful.

One of the major problems cited was “inadequate training,” and it was advised to start employing strategies including involving all managers, offering various training programs, and repeating DEI messaging with tools and help.

We have seen through our work with a variety of businesses how important manager involvement is to the long-term success of DEI. We created our new Inclusive Management training series to provide company managers with the tools they need to be powerful agents of positive change.

Sarah Rowell, the CEO of Kantola Training Solutions

Managers play a crucial part in enhancing DEI. Why? because they are the primary organizational conduit, influencing their group, senior leaders, and peers. They may play a crucial role in establishing a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment depending on whether they receive the support they need, or they may seriously obstruct genuine progress.

Managers may learn practical tips and tools from the Kantola Inclusive Management training series to help them adopt more inclusive management practices.