Launch of a Gaming Checking and Rewards Card by FinTech Mana


A news release states that the gaming-focused FinTech business Mana Interactive has introduced The Mana Banking App, Checking Account, Debit Card, and Rewards Program.

Mana gives users a bank account, debit card, and rewards program with incentives for both in-game activity and everyday purchases. The company also plans to introduce its offerings on SteamVR and Sidequest, making it the first American corporation to provide virtual reality services.

Joe Zhou, the CEO, and creator of Mana, claims that every member of the workforce enjoys playing video games. “We find immense joy in influencing other players and making goods that we ourselves would use every day.

This is only the beginning of our work on the foundation, which we started last year. To reveal it, we eagerly await.

Users of Mana may earn points that can be used to purchase subscriptions to a variety of video gaming services and other media products, including PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch Online, Discord Nitro, EA Play, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more.

Thanks to the unified platform’s incentives to play games and get rewards for purchases, users will be able to swap prizes for products like game keys, gift cards, in-game currency, and other items through the Mana mobile app.

Discounted game subscriptions, exclusive access to events, gaming hardware, betas, and demonstrations are a few other benefits.

There will be two different types of accounts: the Mana account, which is free, and the Mana Pro account, which costs an annual subscription but provides more perks and rewards in addition to a premium metal card.