Launch of AI-Powered Tools by Google Cloud for Inventory Checking and Shopping


New artificial intelligence (AI) solutions from Google Cloud have been released, performing essential daily operations for merchants.

According to a news release from Google Cloud on Friday, these technologies enable retailers with inventory management, product discovery, individualised shopping experiences, and product recommendations to customers.

According to Google Cloud Vice President of Retail and Consumer Carrie Tharp, “upheavals over the past five years have altered the retail industry and the tools merchants need to be more efficient, more engaging to their consumers, and less subject to future shocks.”

The breadth of AI-powered services offered by other cloud service providers has also been growing.

In a similar vein, Veritone, an AI firm, and Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have expanded their relationship to assist media and entertainment organisations in implementing AI-powered processes and adding technologies that enhance content creation, administration, and monetization.

One of the new AI solutions unveiled on Friday makes use of Vertex AI Vision from Google Cloud to recognise objects from pictures taken by cameras that are handled by humans, robots, or ceiling-mounted cameras in order to offer an inventory count.

Once a customer has chosen a category, another new feature from Google Cloud employs machine learning to curate the goods shown on an eCommerce website. This complements the current Discovery AI offerings from Google Cloud.