Launch of In-App Purchase on Using Google Pay


In-app purchasing for Google Pay has been implemented by the cryptocurrency trading website, allowing users to easily purchase cryptocurrencies, according to a press statement.

Users may use this feature by connecting their credit or debit card to Google Pay. The announcement also said that from then, customers may use Google Pay as a speedy and secure way to buy more than 250 different currencies via the app.

The five-step process starts when users click “trade” on the app’s home screen. Customers can then select “buy” and a cryptocurrency after that. They may click the “buy” button once again and select Google Pay from the “cash” menu.

After selecting the option to accept a card processing charge, users can proceed with their transactions by clicking “proceed” and then “confirm.”

The announcement stated that the balances in customers’ crypto wallets will be correctly updated when the transaction was finished. The app will also let users to check their transaction history.

This week, announced that it has received regulatory approval from Organismo Agenti e Mediatori in Italy, enabling it to provide its products and services there. This approval follows such licenses in Dubai, Singapore, and Greece.