Lead The Revenue And Financial Management Of Stripe In Lieu Of The Vice President Of Metaverse


A vice president of Meta’s virtual reality (VR) social network Horizon Worlds is working with a new product team at Stripe.

Vivek Sharma joined Stripe this week as its new head of revenue and finance management, according to his LinkedIn profile. He is developing solutions that help businesses manage, measure, and analyze their revenue with a new team.

Online business methods have advanced significantly during the previous 10 years. According to Sharma, the creative economy and fintech are prevalent, and stores are changing into platforms and markets.

However, the financial systems have not adapted. The essentials, such as how to accommodate new pricing methods and/or bill customers, nonetheless bind businesses. How can we manage all the obligations and assets related to money that is dispersed throughout the cloud? And how can we do this in a compliant manner in a global marketplace?

According to a PYMNTS report at the time, Vishal Shah succeeded Sharma after his resignation in August. Sharma was a part of the team that built the virtual world in the metaverse that users of Meta’s VR equipment could access.

Sharma leaves the metaverse’s problems behind at Stripe in favor of managing sales and finances for businesses in the real world.

Sharma added, “We’re helping businesses earn more money in more ways and making accounting, tax, and analytics a ton easier” in order to manage that income with the least amount of labor. In light of the current recession, this is vital.

According to him, doing this right “may be a big generator of economic potential for organizations around the world” as Stripe is used by millions of businesses.