Naver will increase B2B sales in Japan in collaboration with SoftBank

naver south korean

Based on its collaboration with SoftBank, South Korean internet behemoth Naver is getting ready to make significant inroads into the historically reclusive Japanese corporate market for enterprise IT solutions

The IT sector reported that Naver will use its collaboration with SoftBank to create and market B2B products in Japan. Employees received confirmation from Naver CEO Choi Soo-yeon that the projects were in progress.

During an investor relations meeting in May, Naver CFO Kim Nam-sun stated that Naver has earned the confidence to develop its B2B solutions in foreign markets.

Naver Cloud, Naver Works Mobile, Naver Clova AI, Naver Whale, and Papago are some of the company’s primary B2B ventures. In order to provide several AI technologies, like chatbots and the translation service Papago, Naver Cloud operates a standalone server in Japan. A Naver representative claims that the company would launch a multi-cloud solution in Japan the following month.

Yamato Transport, the largest delivery firm in Japan, Panasonic, and Lawson, a chain of convenience stores, have all started using “LINE Clova,” the AI service provided by Naver’s virtual AI assistant Clova.

According to a sector expert, the potential for synergy between Naver’s technology and SoftBank’s enormous 15,000 sales staff members will increase B2B commercial success rates.

Naver is actively growing its B2B personnel to support the global expansion of its B2S business. Currently, six of Naver’s subsidiaries and the company’s headquarters employ about 71% of personnel from outside. The majority of staff, or 17% of all employees, are focused on B2B infrastructure.

Despite a decline in B2C services due to economic uncertainty, the demand for B2B services is anticipated to remain robust as businesses continue to place a high focus on digital transformation.