Oliver Hanmer Has Joined Psr As The Organization’s New Head Of Supervision And Compliance Monitoring


Oliver Hanmer has been appointed as the Payment Systems Regulator’s (PSR) new head of supervision and compliance monitoring.

Hanmer, who is now the Director of Regulatory Operations at the Bar Standards Board, has been appointed to PSR’s executive team.

PSR is in charge of ensuring that payment systems, which are an important part of the UK’s financial infrastructure, are accessible, dependable, and secure. PSR is responsible for upholding standards, encouraging competition, and drafting rules to safeguard payment system users. To further these goals, the agency recently established a supervision and compliance monitoring unit, which Hanmer will oversee.

Oliver Hanmer joins PSR with a wealth of expertise in regulatory operations. He has a solid track record of enforcing best practices in areas of public interest and implementing reforms where standards fall short of expectations as the Director of Regulatory Operations at the Bar Standards Board. His hiring follows the recent appointments of Alex Olive as General Counsel and Natalie Golding as Chief Operating Officer at PSR.

Hanmer’s priority as head of the newly created Supervision and Compliance Monitoring section will be driving compliance with PSR regulations. This position is becoming increasingly crucial as the regulator uses its authority to improve competition, expand choice, and prevent payment fraud. 

Under Hanmer’s direction, the division is dedicated to enhancing results for all payment system users by avoiding and resolving substandard behavior within organizations.

Chris Hemsley’s statements on the regulator’s development and the importance of its work in helping critical sections of society and the UK economy provide more insights regarding PSR’s expansion.