Papmall’s B2B eCommerce Platform Expands


The B2B eCommerce site Papmall claims to be combining purchase now, pay later, and cryptocurrency payment services while also growing its business strategy and delivery areas.

The firm, which was founded in 2019, began as a platform for online digital goods and software merchants, as well as “outsourcing services, mostly freelancers and SME [small to the medium-sized organization] agencies.”

The company intends to create a “lively and vibrant e-commerce ambiance” and become the leading B2C and B2B eCommerce marketplace platform in the service-providing industry for worldwide markets by 2025.

Among the other goals of the firm is the creation of customizable applications that will help sellers and customers to improve their shopping experiences.

“At papmall, we want to focus on building more imaginative and robust techniques for businesses,” said CEO Le Hung Anh. “Papmall is here to make the impossible feasible for those who wish to reach global, not just domestic, e-commerce marketplaces.”

In other recent B2B eCommerce news, Intershop teamed with Luminos Labs, a digital commerce systems integrator, to enable enterprises to deliver more digital commerce options.

According to the organizations, the cooperation is intended to assist B2B companies searching for methods to improve their commerce experience in the digital world, and their collaboration will allow these companies to innovate and grow their digital commerce capabilities.

“As customers, we expect to complete every step of our purchasing process, digital or physical,” said Andy Stanis, executive vice president and managing director of Intershop North America. “B2B purchasers have the same omnichannel expectations as consumer customers, with the extra complexity that comes with B2B operations.”