Partner with ReverseLogix on Returns Management for B2B Businesses


In order to offer their complementary products to B2B businesses, ReverseLogix, a provider of returns management systems, and Overhaul, a B2B supply chain platform, have linked together.

According to a news release, companies may adopt ReverseLogix’s returns management system along with Overhaul’s supply chain visibility and security solution to manage the whole returns lifecycle with real-time visibility.

“Our collaboration reveals the new possibilities for speed and cost-savings, making it simpler to tackle the broad problems or fine-tune procedures of returns management,” said ReverseLogix CEO Gaurav Saran in a statement. We’re excited to partner with Overhaul to provide forward-thinking companies with specialized solutions that can make reverse logistics an edge over the competition.

According to the release, organizations may, for instance, resolve any difficulties and identify methods to boost efficiency using these solutions.

The majority of B2B enterprises now use eCommerce as their primary sales channel, however, the release cited data from McKinsey to note that as the industry has grown, product returns have increased.

According to the statement, supply chain instability and rising expenses have further raised the demand for returns management.

Overhaul CEO Barry Conlon said in the statement that the company is “glad to partner with ReverseLogix to deliver cutting-edge technologies to our clients.” We have a common goal of providing our clients with the most cutting-edge and effective technology available, and our collaborations only help us achieve this goal.

Four months ago, ReverseLogix teamed up with B2B eCommerce marketplace B-Stock to improve the product return procedure; today’s announcement.