Paymentus Expands Healthcare Solutions for Individuals and Experts


A billing and payment platform called Paymentus asserts that it has doubled the number of healthcare provider solutions it provides while also adding more patient payment options.

The company has expanded its service for healthcare providers by becoming certified to post real-time bills on the Epic/MyChart patient interface.

In the United States, healthcare bills account for more personal debt than all other types of debt combined, according to the revelation.

“According to recent research by US Bank, making payments in the healthcare industry is the most difficult. Patients want more options for online payment methods, including the opportunity to utilize PayPal and Venmo as well as quick payments through apps.”

Paymentus asserts that it has enhanced the interface between its payments platform and electronic health records provider Epic and health information platform MyChart to enable patients to view a payment due date and complete the payment in the same MyChart environment where they access health data.

The Paymentus EBPP platform also provides “extra flexible payment possibilities for patients given by other parties,” such as PayPal Credit and a range of payment schedule options, to give patients greater control over their money.

The founder and CEO of Paymentus, Dushyant Sharma, asserted that patients “may find the healthcare system intimidating.”

In accordance with the statement, “delivering clear billing and payment information directly through the MyChart portal and expanding the range of payment methods and options for patients helps mitigate the confusion often associated with healthcare bills and reduces missed payments and collection issues that can impact healthcare services.”