Revolve Transforms Delayed Shipping Into A Benefit For The Customer


Returns have received a lot of attention, but probably not nearly enough has been said about delivery. However, the importance of both services is rising.

Returns and shipping have developed into interesting experiences. Many customers’ choices regarding whether or not to engage with a shop have been influenced by shipping. Returns have also become a crucial element.

Jonathan Poma, CEO of Loop, and I chatted earlier this month about the situation of returns and the factors that retailers must take into account in order to recover their expenses.

“If you want to charge, you better damn sure you’re delivering an exceptional purchase experience and an exceptional returns experience,” he continued.

For Poma, returns have developed into a significant component of a transaction. When done correctly, they could persuade customers to come back, buy more things, and show loyalty.

The same cannot be said for delivery, since retailers have progressively stopped offering the “free shipping” promotion that dates back to the beginning of the eCommerce boom.