Scope Ar Launches A New Workplace Assessment Tool


Scope AR, an EdTech platform, has created WorkLink Quizzing, a new workplace evaluation tool. WorkLink Quizzing allows businesses to build and deliver the next generation of learning and development materials for their employees while also cutting the costs associated with traditional instructor-led training (ILT) without sacrificing training outcomes. WorkLink Quizzing is now available on Scope AR’s WorkLink platform for augmented reality in the workplace.

In-person training has long been considered the gold standard in the Learning and Development industry. It is, however, expensive and complex to deploy and administer, requiring learners to go to centralized training centers at times.

Existing remote learning systems have decreased distance and boosted frequency; nevertheless, they have struggled to achieve equivalent outcomes using 2D methodologies due to low student interest and a lack of critical spatial context.

These challenges are especially onerous for critical hands-on activities in the aerospace, manufacturing, and medical device industries.

WorkLink Quizzing addresses these challenges by providing a novel, highly engaging medium as well as a 3D immersion that simulates the spatial signals of in-person training. Trainees have consistently had a positive experience with WorkLink Quizzing.

Additionally, the WorkLink platform and its constituent applications provide all of the components needed for any training designer to quickly create an augmented reality module, even if they lack considerable programming skills or 3D experience.

Training modules and quizzes are available immediately on a wide range of devices and platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables.