Smart Ship Hub, A B2b (Saas) Maritime Digital Platform Based In Singapore, Has Raised $ 2.5 Million In A Pre-Series Round Led By Ideaspring Capital And Startupxseed Ventures


Smart Ship Hub (SSH) is a ready-to-use digital platform for global maritime logistics. SSH is disrupting the maritime sector in the same way that avionics did in the aviation industry. SSH, which is cloud-based and available on demand, provides ship owners, ship operators, charter parties, maritime insurance, and port authorities with “one platform and a single source of truth.” The platform is intended to house commercial ships, naval ships, oil rigs, river-going barges, and fishing vessels.

Despite being the world’s most efficient mode of transportation, global maritime suffers from operational inefficiencies, a lack of visibility, and transparency, all of which contribute to commercial leakages.

Ship owners, operators, chartering agencies, and insurance companies are increasingly focused on smarter, technology-enabled operations in order to achieve “High vessel uptime, Seaworthiness, and Predictability” using digital technologies.

SSH’s fleet management system, which is built on “ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship” smart sensors, IOT, and big data, saves considerable operational costs while enhancing travel efficiency. The digital platform aids in the prediction of probable equipment downtime and malfunctions, as well as the identification of performance deviations and vessel itineraries in order to maximize travel and vessel performance. SSH’s ” Marine Insights ” is a one-of-a-kind maritime big data platform that leverages millions of records to give actionable insights, smart alerts, and fleet performance guidance.

SSH’s global clients may achieve their objectives of “minimal breakdown maintenance,” “optimal fuel economy,” “full compliance including emissions,” “cost optimization with condition-based maintenance,” and a far better level of “voyage control.” The “Performance Advisory” function helps these ships have fewer problems while saving money on maintenance and fuel. Through the use of connected ships, shared services (routes, capacity, and procurement), and a “pay per usage” model with SSH digital, future-ready maritime firms are contributing in the establishment of a linked ecosystem.