Swedish Fintech Dreams Changes Its Name As It Enters The B2B Market


As part of its ongoing development into the B2B market, the Swedish financial well-being platform Dreams has introduced a new company called Dreams Technology.

The debut, according to a press statement on Thursday, signifies the company’s division into separate B2C and B2B operations.

According to Henrik Rosvall, the company’s founder and CEO, “the new direction of the company will enable laser focus on growing our B2B business, supporting banks in creating more meaningful relationships with their customers, and helping us achieve our core mission of making financially sustainable living an everyday reality for people.”

The business also said that its technology will help banks increase their savings and assets under management by encouraging customers to save and invest and lowering default rates, which Rossvall said is particularly pertinent given the high cost of living that is “causing financial anxiety for millions of households around the world.”

There are some areas where that anxiety is more noticeable than others, as has been noted. Our study revealed that residents of rural locations experience the burden of historical cost-of-living rises far more than residents in more metropolitan places.

The research “Consumer Inflation Sentiment: Inflation’s Long Consumer Spending Shadow,” was based on surveys of 2,467 U.S.

One-third of customers are having problems paying their expenses, and two-thirds think it would be another 18 months before inflation returns to levels from 2021, according to the report.

The study discovered that households in rural regions are having more trouble paying their bills, with 54% of those surveyed citing these issues as sources of concern, compared to 41% of people living in big metropolitan areas and 42% of people in smaller urban areas.