Tech And Data Are More Important As CFOS Prepare For An Uncertain Future


According to Andrew Steinberg, CFO of Honor Technology, managing daily change while maintaining strategic development is what chief financial officers (CFOs) must do.

Here are the 20 initiatives that Steinberg and his finance team are working on with the rest of the organization to ensure happen so that we do look, feel, and operate in a certain way. “I know where we want to be by the end of the year, and I want to know what we want to look like by the end of next year,” Steinberg said.

Growing Up

Steinberg, who has almost two decades of experience in financial and operational roles in technology and healthcare, joined Honor Technology in August.

Steinberg is now working to advance Honor Technology’s financial strategy, enhance financial reporting, facilitate platform expansion, and offer advice on new prospects.

According to Steinberg’s “A Day in the Life of a Digital-First CFO” series, his priorities include enhancing automation, reporting, and data analytics.

He said that Honor is fundamentally a data-driven, machine-learning enterprise. “We are the biggest and most technologically sophisticated firm pairing care providers to care users at scale in the most effective way imaginable. How therefore can we expand our systems so that the firm may grow at a steady rate?

Promoting Cooperation

Steinberg wants to consolidate its 20 separate tech providers so that all of its decision-making tools, including billing, expenditure management, enterprise resource planning, and forecasting, are best aligned.

During the pandemic, Honor Technology prioritized remote work, but it now plans to expand its real estate presence in places with concentrated employee populations to provide a space for them to congregate and interact.

According to Steinberg, the company’s HR platform, frequent engagement surveys, and offsites all support cooperation.

We want to ensure that everyone in the organization is totally committed, that teams are effective, and that we don’t have the same kind of silent quitting that many businesses are currently seeing.