Technology Aids Suppliers and Customers in Overcoming Economic Challenges


The most important lesson from the past three years is to be prepared for the unexpected. Although 2022 was supposed to mark a “back to normal,” companies are still facing macroeconomic instability.

At Boost, we specialize in utilizing technology-enabled solutions to satisfy the intricate and particular requirements of major commercial B2B businesses. Agreements are carefully crafted by suppliers and buyers to address the requirements of both parties at the time the contract is signed.

Although what transpires when a worldwide epidemic, supply chain issues, or inflation dramatically alters the landscape?

The capacity to return to the table and renegotiate is necessary for the partners to be in a good relationship.

Sadly, outdated payment systems rely on strict standards that prevent fast modifications. Due to this, developing and investing in Dynamic Boost®, the first flexible rules engine for B2B payments in the industry, has been our top priority.

Buyers and suppliers can negotiate commercial card usage and acceptance on their terms thanks to the “on the fly” application of rules, which can be based on payment size, payment timing, pricing constructs, or any other metric that is essential to a buyer-supplier relationship.

We can swiftly implement customized solutions that satisfy our clients’ time-sensitive demands by utilizing a robust engine with flexible logic, resulting in continual value creation for the parties on both sides of the transaction.

Dynamic Boost is a central cloud-based platform for universal translation at its heart. We can quickly hook into any payment source and acquirer gateway by leveraging modular components.

The ability to upgrade outdated systems with little to no investment or infrastructure modifications is made possible through interoperability, which helps customers future-proof their payment processes while while keeping a tight eye on the bottom line.