The Busiest Travel Day Will Be Easier With The Help Of New Digital Tools


As the number of people traveling for Thanksgiving is expected to reach record highs not seen before 2019, an increasing number of customers are turning to digital solutions to schedule, handle paperwork, and pay for things along the route in the hopes of having their travels run more smoothly.

Despite an increase in travel volume, many of the industry’s problems have persisted. This summer witnessed extraordinary airline delays and longer pre-boarding and check-in processes, resulting in more time spent at airports than ever before.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) reported a 6% rise in air travel service complaints from July to August in its most current Air Travel Consumer Report (ATCR).

Flight delays have meant extra business for airport restaurants and businesses like Hudson. It has meant an additional chance for tourists to use easy digital payment methods while purchasing coffee, food, personal care items, and other commodities while on the road.

According to studies, people are turning to digital solutions to alleviate their air travel concerns. Their usage of airline booking apps and websites increased by 16% in the second quarter of 2022, making it the fastest-growing digital activity among the 37 covered in the September report “How The World Does Digital: The Impact Of Payments On Digital Transformation.”

The use of apps to book and pay for train, bus, and taxi rides increased by 15%, making this the second fastest growing digital activity.

According to the report, these figures indicate both a strong desire to travel despite inflation and an increasing digital transformation in how travel is purchased.

Some of the new digital tools available to consumers this holiday weekend will assist them in paying for and managing their trips via public transportation and air.