The National Bank Of Kuwait Intends To Advertise Mobile Banking


Customers can use their new Virgin Mobile numbers to update their mobile numbers through the National Bank of Kuwait’s (NBK) banking app or website.

The change, according to a bank press release, is intended to provide clients with a better banking experience and streamline their transactions. Virgin Mobile, a well-liked service among its users, has most recently been included in the NBK’s list of telecom providers.

In order for NBK to inform clients about its most recent campaigns and offers, the bank requests that they update their contact information and supply it with updated email addresses and phone numbers.

The head of NBK’s digital service quality management operations, Hala Al Shoaibi, stated, “At NBK, we strive to enrich our customers’ banking experience, by providing all means of comfort and enabling them to make their transactions quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere, leveraging our digital channels and leadership as a provider of digital banking services.

Customers are increasingly using digital channels for their transactions, according to Shoaibi, in part as a consequence of the NBK’s services and in part as a result of “the extraordinary conditions coming from the epidemic.”

The country is home to the Kuwait Investment Authority, the oldest sovereign wealth fund in the world, and its financial sector is more developed than that of other GCC nations like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates in terms of traditional financial services.

Kuwait lagged behind some of its more FinTech-friendly neighbors, though, when digital-first bank Weyay made its debut there last year.

However, digitally progressive banks like Kuwait Finance House (KFH) and NBK, which owns Weyay, have started to modernize and adopt blockchain technology through an immediate cross-border partnership with Ripple. The Gulf Bank has also replaced passwords with biometric face recognition for authentication in its mobile banking application.