To innovate its merchants, integrates FedEx supply chain technology


With the integration of FedEx Dataworks, a supply chain and data management platform, merchants utilizing’s eCommerce solutions will now be able to follow the whole online retail process.

A new statement announced the agreement, which would provide merchants access to more tracking and management tools for online stores.

The collaboration aims to advance eCommerce management at a crucial time, from fulfillment, supply chain, and inventory management to faster shipping channels.

Consumers are increasingly using eCommerce channels to conduct their holiday shopping, so will have an advantage over its rivals if it can streamline its analysis of the data pertaining to its eCommerce customers.

eCommerce accounts for 21% of all retail transactions, and by 2025, it’s expected that 44% of all digital purchases would be made through mobile devices.

In order to stay up with the rising customer demand, eCommerce systems like will need to continually update and improve their data management.

“The powerful data insights from FedEx on the post-purchase experience will allow us to create unparalleled solutions that deliver consistency and confidence for merchants as they manage their businesses and engage with their customers while delivering a simple and reliable e-commerce journey for consumers,” said Omair Tariq, CEO, and co-founder of, in reference to the partnership with FedEx Dataworks.

FedEx launched its new ShopRunner app as part of a related eCommerce move. Customers may use the new app from the company’s subsidiary brand to get simpler ordering, shipping, tracking, and refunds thanks to the app’s cutting-edge platform.