Trade X Expands its Cross-Border Automotive Trading Platform to Include Mexico


Trade X, a cross-border automotive trading platform, has announced the opening of a trade route in Mexico, allowing Mexican dealers and fleet owners to trade with their counterparts in Canada and Nigeria.

Trade X said in a press release on Wednesday (Nov. 9) that it will open additional corridors to Mexico in the future to provide more opportunities for buying and selling used vehicles through the platform.

“We’re thrilled to be connecting automotive buyers and sellers in this critical market,” Trade X Director of Sales for Mexico Ricardo Ampudia said in a statement.

“We’ve witnessed a major increase in interest in used automobiles in recent years, as purchasers who have been unable to afford a new car choose to acquire a used vehicle from their local dealer instead.”

The Exchange X platform connects automotive experts all around the world to trade automobiles. According to the statement, it contains features such as real-time pricing and car-buying tools.

According to the statement, the platform also covers logistics, quality inspections, currency conversion, shipping, retitling, customs clearance, and other aspects of the trading process.

Mexico, like other markets, has failed to fulfill the demand for new automobiles. According to the announcement, as a result, numerous dealers in the nation have begun importing automobiles.

“We’re excited to link dealers in Mexico to the world’s largest network of approved automotive buyers and sellers, changing how used automobiles are purchased and sold across borders,” Trade X President and Chief Operating Officer Luciano Butera said in a statement.