Uber Eats Increases Alcohol Selection to Increase Profits in New Verticals


According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), as a consequence of changes made both internally and in partnership with suppliers and distributors, 11% of the items the company provides now ship to customers in only the manufacturer’s container.

The firm, according to the report, has reconfigured its logistics network to lower the amount of distance that items must travel. Items now travel 15% shorter distances and are handled 12% less during delivery.

According to the report, Amazon also collaborates with manufacturers to develop packaging that is strong enough to withstand shipping without being placed inside another box. In certain cases, it also decreases the size of the containers, making them less expensive to ship.

The corporation evaluates packages to see if they are well-designed for shipping and shares the design with other suppliers of related items.

According to the paper, while developing a package, Amazon and manufacturers take into account its strength, consumer attractiveness, sustainability, the brittleness of the product it holds, and whether or not its contents should be hidden for security or privacy reasons.

According to the study, Amazon is taking these actions to cut expenses and offer environmentally friendly alternatives in response to customers who have expressed concerns about the quantity of packaging that is utilized. Frequently, customers may decide if they want additional packing at the time of purchase.