VisitPay and Sphere Release a Text to Pay for Healthcare


Sphere, a leader in end-to-end payment solutions, will work with VisitPay, a business that specializes in medical patient payment and security, to improve patient payment operations.

Text to Pay, a mobile payment service that partners with healthcare providers to enable them a secure means to offer and collect payment via text messages, was established by the two companies.

The app will just enhance existing channels for bill payment and provide patients with another, maybe more practical option.

In view of the escalating cost of health insurance and co-pays, it is “essential” for every healthcare organization to offer electronic or mobile payment options, claims a press release. Patients are now responsible for a larger amount of their medical costs than they were in the past.

Patients’ perceptions of their contacts with medical providers are significantly influenced by how easily and transparently they may access the billing experience. Since people manage their lives through mobile devices, they expect to be in charge of their healthcare billing whenever and whenever they like, according to the news release.

Businesses predict a “rapid” uptake of the new app given that up to 60% of VisitPay logins now take place on mobile devices.

The requirement is met by fusing Sphere’s secure payments technology with VisitPay’s patient-centric business model.

The program will enable patients to make payments through SMS without endangering their own or their cards’ sensitive data by using card tokens that have already been obtained from patients.

According to the press release, they won’t need to download any more programs, and they may choose to pay for a single visit or a number of trips at once.

The companies do this by promptly matching payments to the visits they were paid for, ensuring accuracy and simplicity in that aspect.

Since many governments and companies disagree on how to tackle the issue, patient privacy and information have become contentious issues.