Why Do Direct2Consumer Wine Subscriptions Fail?


SommSelect thinks that a human touch is necessary to maintain members’ engagement as artificial intelligence (AI) changes customer service in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) subscription industry.

David Lynch (no, not that one), the editorial director of the wine curation company with several monthly subscriptions, stated that as the space becomes more crowded and consumers decide which subscriptions to keep and which to cancel, the personal touch becomes even more important in maintaining their loyalty.

“There still needs to be a personal signature on it for all of the tech optimization that we’re seeking, and all of the efficiencies that create,” Lynch said. “We’re still making content for people, by humans, and we’re doing it thoughtfully.” That, in my opinion, is a point of differentiation for us that we cannot afford to lose… because why would you join a club that has soul? That’s how people apparently find out which clubs they belong to.”

Lynch remarked that, even in the face of macroeconomic issues, it is more important for the company’s wine clubs to generate a sense of membership, with thoughtful curation, appealing presentation, and other personal touches, in order to retain clients.