With Data Append, You Can Make The Most Of Your Upcoming Events


A company may choose to attend a B2B event for a variety of reasons. These are wonderful places to meet potential customers. A small firm may require the visibility provided by a live webinar, but a large corporation may require the face-to-face connection provided by a trade show.

Event organizers will most likely provide you with a list of past participants prior to the event. This list gives you an overview of the kind of people that could visit your booth during the event.

What are the disadvantages of using an attendance list?

Some event organizers only provide insufficient information on people who have confirmed their presence. However, the attendance data is frequently devoid of contact information: no email address, phone number, or even physical location. As a result, launching a marketing campaign based solely on company names and job descriptions becomes challenging.

Incompatible data formats: Your team is almost probably using a CRM, and the data you enter into these systems must be in a specified format. Unfortunately, the format of event contact data varies from organizer to organizer. As a result, campaign coordination via a centralized system becomes incredibly difficult.

Data in the absence of full corporate information: Event marketers are unable to identify and qualify the optimum target demography for a certain event-related networking and appointment setup due to a lack of exact data. Prior qualification of prospect data is usually beneficial to better serve prospects.

Data soon becomes obsolete in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Every year, 30 million of the 138 million people who work in the United States change jobs. As a result, it is clear that data cleansing must be performed on a regular basis.