Yassir Raises $150 Million in Series B Funding to Support Expansion


Yassir, a San Francisco-based company that operates the same-named Algerian super app, has concluded a $150 million Series B funding round to accelerate its growth across Africa and the Middle East.

The investment was headed by BOND, with participation from DN Capital, Dorsal Capital, Quiet Capital, Stanford Alumni Ventures, and Y Combinator.

The Yassir app provides transportation, grocery and meal delivery, and banking services.

“Yassir means ‘easy’ in Arabic, and our goal as a company is to make people’s lives simpler,” stated Yassir’s founder and CEO, Noureddine Tayebi. “In the markets where we operate, we already have a major impact on how people conduct their daily lives.”

Yassir is currently available in 45 Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Senegalese, German, French, and Canadian cities.

BOND’s general partner, Daegwon Chae, indicated that Yassir was making a difference in the lives of its users.

“We think that technology will dramatically disrupt customers’ connections with basic needs – transportation, food, and financial services — not just in affluent countries, but internationally,” he said.

“This investment demonstrates our belief in an underserved yet vibrant and rapidly growing region.” The application, which originated in North Africa, has already shown to be invaluable to users in critical aspects of their lives.”