A Brief Introduction To Digital Asset Management


    Need of Digital Asset Management

    The business uses and generates various forms of material for Content Marketing while leveraging the digital platform to promote your business or product, which leads to the company’s Customer Engagement with its customers.

    While the organization uses and develops content, it continues to pile up, creating a mess. It would be difficult for any employee of the organization to find specific data that had been retrieved, created, or used. Rather than searching for a file, one is more likely to create one. With the use of Digital Asset Management software, the amount of rework and mess created can be minimized.

    Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions/software is used in a pipeline to organize, access, classify and distribute digital assets. With these technologies, data may be quickly accessed by any employee from any department. In short, DAM is no longer limited to the marketing department; it can now be utilized by the entire organization to provide all the information it generates or acquires.

    Why can’t the organization use modern cloud storage solutions like Google Drive? In that situation, Digital Asset Management or DAM solutions/software have better capabilities in terms of searchability, configuration management, and security protocols.

    Digital Asset Management Software

    Marketers may now work in a more seamless manner thanks to DAM solutions. Here are a few examples of important Digital Asset Management software that can assist a company in managing all of its data.

    Canto is software that is noted for being simple but effective. Well-known companies such as NASA, Ames Research Center, Harvard University, Ralph Lauren Corporation, and others rely on this software. This software allows users to simply add tags, keywords, and smart tags to digital assets to categorize them according to themes, goods, campaigns, and other criteria. Images, movies, audio files, documents, presentations, and other formats are automatically organized in six folders by the smart labeling feature. Canto’s various features make it simple to set up workflows and assign jobs.

    Widen collection is also one of the top Digital Asset Management or DAM software for managing the digital assets that a firm creates or uses. It allows you to modify metadata, keywords, and workflows to make the asset import process go more smoothly. You can also choose to highlight commonly used folders or files. Widen Collection includes a powerful search engine that also allows you to search a document’s text. You can use this software to exchange various digital assets across various digital platforms.

    Advertisers and content creators may use Brand Folder to manage, share, and monitor the performance of their digital assets. This software is beneficial to mid-sized to large businesses. Retail, technology, sports, and food and beverage companies can all benefit from this software. Image recognition powered by AI, in-document text search, auto-tagging, pinned searches, and automatic metadata extraction is all available through the search tool.

    Duplicate asset detection, bulk asset editing, and bulk moving and merging are all possible with the power tools. Files can be resized, converted to multiple formats, and extensive video editing features can be used. You may specify asset publish and expiration dates, as well as appoint admins to approve documents, using the access control tool.

    You can save time and effort by rewriting, as well as the cost of rebuilding it, by using this trending software. So take advantage of it to save time and manage your digital assets intelligently.