Guide to Create Eye-Catching Branding for Mobile Videos


    Videos have become a significant marketing tool; about 80% of businesses utilize video as a promotional tool. Seventy percent of B2B organizations believe that videos improve their return on investment. Customers have gained a better grasp of products and services because of the use of videos.

    Because there are so many videos available online, it can be difficult for companies to stand out and attract consumers’ attention. Smartphones now consume the majority of our time, and individuals consume more content on their gadgets.


    In the initial 15 minutes of any video, you must stand out and make an impact. Consistency is essential for creating memorable branding.

    Release a remark with your ‘Logo’:

    Your logo should leave an indelible impact on the minds of your target audience. They should quickly elicit recognition in the minds of the viewers. Because our brain processes visuals quicker than words, the logo will continue to be the primary takeaway for visitors. To get the most exposure and retention, make sure your brand is displayed.

    Memorable color palette:

    Our human brain is drawn to colors and imagery, therefore we utilize vivid hues. They aid in increasing brand identification. Choose a bright color for your mobile videos to boost consistency and identification.

    Find your fonts:

    Choose the right font because it is an important part of branding. Fonts play an important role in communicating a brand’s look. Brand names and subtitles must be readable even on tiny mobile screens, especially when it comes to mobile videos. Make careful to use a typeface that complements the appearance and feel of your business.

    Bring it on with the intro and outro:

    The preceding suggestions can be integrated into two spots: intro and outro. Insert a few seconds of your brand’s content on either side of your video. Create a visually appealing bundle that will pique the interest of viewers. Make sure to include a call to action in your videos. You can include buttons such as ‘learn more, “sign up,’ ‘download,’ or subscribe,’ among others.

    Mobile videos have evolved into one of the most engaging ways to engage your audience. Make sure you understand what works for your brand and when to use it. Make compelling mobile films that reflect your company and its efforts.