Signs You Need a New Website



What is your go-to thing when you want to know anything about some company or business? Their website is the first thing that comes to mind. Websites are the most important thing for any business to gain more customers and growth. People trust any business by the way they present themselves in every way, the website is one of them. Websites have all the necessary information which people would like to know about your business and it saves you from person-to-person selling of your brand.

Since your website will create the first impression about your business, it has to be made very attractive and appealing for the people to see and if you have a great website, it will work wonders for your business. But, sometimes there are various factors that lead to a fallback or stagnancy of your brand because of your website. The reasons could be getting negative feedback, low views, competition, slower surfing experience, or anything else. It is important to keep a check now and then on the working of your website and the way it is affecting your business or brand. If you notice some issues with your website which could affect your brand, it is time for you to get a new website. But, how would you know you need a new website?

Here are some of the signs that tell you that you need a new website:

Negative feedback

Your website should be user-friendly and attractive enough to create an impact in one go. People are becoming more aware of ratings they like or dislike so if people visit your website and they do not like it, they will give negative feedback that needs to be worked on. But, if you are getting too much negative feedback, it is time for you to create a better website.

Lesser views

Views on your website are important because that is how people will get information about your business. If the marketing and promotion of your product and website are not done properly, you will not get views on your website. If people are bouncing back or are not willing to go to the website because of its unattractiveness, you need a new website.

Lacking in mobile-optimization

Not everyone is using the internet over their desktops, they use various other gadgets, and the most used one is the mobile. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it will lose its impact and attractiveness. A big part of your audience will not appreciate your website and you do not want that.

Slow surfing

If the website is not properly constructed it will affect the user experience. If the website is slow in responding, people will not like it and that will shift their focus from the main information on the website. You should check for loopholes in the website and create a new one when this happens.

High bounce-back rates

Your google analytics report allows you to get the information about all the activities on your business website. You can find out how many people visited the website but left it without going to any other page on the website. The reason for it could be the poor user experience that your website provided.


Your website loses its attractiveness after some point of time if changes are not made to it from time to time. There could be various reasons for it like competitors having better websites, changes in trends, and changes in the type of audience. You need to create a better website before your existing website creates a bad image of your brand in the minds of the public.


To know the effectiveness of your website, it must regularly have a viewer-brand interaction through various contact options present on the website. It tells you about the viewer engagement of your website and if that is negative or barely there, it is time for you to create a new website.


Sometimes the business goes through rebranding and several changes are made in everything about your brand to keep up with the competition and changing market trends. But if the website is not matching with the changes made after rebranding, the rebranding will lose its impact, therefore, you need to create a new website under your rebranding strategy.

Declining SEO

If your website doesn’t pop up on the top search results made on the topic provided on your website, that means that you have a weak search engine optimization and if that is the case, people will rarely visit your website as that will not come in front of them that frequently. 

Un-updated content

Content on your website needs to be updated regularly but if it becomes difficult for you to handle, the website will look old and obsolete. You need to create a new website when this happens and you can take the help of content management systems on your new website.

Here were some of the signs that tell you that it’s time for you to get a new website. Your website will create an image about your business or brand in minds of people and you want it to be a good one so when you design a website, make sure you notice all the changes that are coming in your business because of your website, be it good or bad changes. Apart from this, pay attention to the audiences’ feedback because they give you a clear picture of your business.