Windows 11 rolls out a new update, will run better on low-end devices too


    With a recent backlash that Microsoft had received about the changes on its operating system, they seem to have taken the feedback quite seriously. The company has started to roll out a newly redesigned app for Windows 11 for more users.

    Many features that were left to unveil during the official release of Windows 11, are finally rolling out with updates. In the past few weeks, the company is rolling out updates. They have resigned Photos app, Notepad, and Media player to many new users.   

    Although only users who are enrolled in the Beta Channel of Windows Insider Program can use Notepad, whereas Media player and photos app are available to all its users. With this new design look, Microsoft is giving a more unified look to all of its native apps in Windows 11. Let’s take a look at what these new changes/updates will bring users

    Photos App: The new resigned app comes with updates in the edit option, such as cropping tool, aspect ratio, and others. A new mark-up is provided for users to adjust the brightness of the images as per the users’ requirements. With the new update, users can rotate the image vertically too, while the previous tool only rotated the image horizontally.

    Notepad app: The user interface of the app is updated, with rounded corners, Mica, and more. One of the awaited features was the dark mode on the app, it will by default adapt to the user’s systems theme preferences. Users can change this option in the setting page which has a new home for font options as well. The app comes with multi-level undo, and have resigned the find and replace options too.

    Media Player app: The default music player app- Groove will now be replaced by the Media player app. The app includes support for browsing, managing, and watching local video collections. Users can look for more content in the app’s setting, and all the music and videos folders will appear in the library folder of the application.