Priceline wants to use Google AI to offer ‘Personal Concierge’


Priceline, an online travel firm, has partnered with Google to provide AI-powered services.

According to a news release issued by the firms on Tuesday (June 6), the agreement would allow Priceline customers to interact with a generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot, as well as view more tailored options while searching for hotels.

Priceline’s chief technology officer, Marty Brodbeck, stated in the announcement that the company’s goal is to “transform the novelty of generative AI into lasting value for our customers and our business.”

In an interview with Reuters, Brodbeck delved into further depth, characterizing the company’s chatbot as “a personal concierge.”

“You can easily find out that there’s a Christmas market in Bryant Park that runs from early November all the way through the beginning of January when you’re actually booking your hotel,” Brodbeck told Reuters.

Google has made significant investments in AI, despite the fact that its CEO says that there is “no race” to develop the technology.

“While some have tried to reduce this moment to just a competitive AI race, we see it as much more than that,” Sundar Pichai said in a Financial Times op-ed last month. 

“For over a decade, Google has been incorporating AI into our products and services and making them available to our users.” This is really important to us.