What Is Intent Data and How Has It Transformed B2B Sales? (Part 1)

Intent Data
Intent Data

Speed is the word of the game when it comes to B2B prospecting. Once a decision-maker has identified a need for which a solution is required, the executive will do all in his ability to address it as soon as feasible.

The majority of B2B prospects have a relatively short buyer’s journey. They do, however, take their time to study the information they need to make the best decision possible because they are aware of the far-reaching implications of a concluded deal.

With the use of intent data, you can figure out where prospects are in the buyer’s journey, what content they’re utilizing as a foundation for their decision-making, and when they’re considering your company.

What Is Intent Data?

The obtained behavioral data about digital users’ web-consuming content is known as intent data. It may be used to determine their most relevant interests and, if properly analyzed, can yield valuable data that B2B marketing teams can include in remarketing campaigns, inbound content, and follow-up strategies.

When making an online query, decision-makers (like any other human with Internet access) leave a data trail. Obviously, not every research will be tied to addressing a specific need within their company, but the sort of content they click on and the amount of time they spend on each reveals some information about their intentions.

When consumer intent data tools are turned on, it’s easy to observe consumption spikes of topic-driven information, indicating that a specific digital user is demonstrating an interest in the type of goods your firm sells.

These are some examples of content consumption interactions:

  • Webinar attendance
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • White papers downloads
  • Case studies reviews
  • Product comparisons
  • Message boards

This is where data on B2B buyer intent comes in. It has the ability to allow B2B marketers to look into a prospect’s purchase journey and position their brand as a top choice with the right settings, tools, and methods.

Leverage Intent Data to Drive More Sales

Understanding, processing, and implementing predictive data techniques are fast becoming key priorities for B2B data-driven businesses looking to stay competitive. Its numerous applications in the sales and marketing workflow have proven to be a game-changer in terms of business development.

With the rise of account-based marketing approaches, high-end prospects are more aware than ever of their data footprint, which means they expect to be contacted only by sales professionals who have solid evidence that their product could be the right solution they’ve been looking for.

Buyer intent data not only gives sales development reps the green light to press the accelerator, but it also helps them understand how fast they should go, provides tips on how to handle each curve, and provides valuable assistance throughout the race. So turn on the intent data engine and propel your business forward at the speed it was designed to travel.