Effective Ways to Use Interactive Content in Marketing Campaigns


There is an enormous amount of content produced daily and used as an effective marketing strategy to attract leads. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to simply churn out 500 or 3000 words and just publish it. Interactive marketing is something that will help your marketing campaigns and brand stand out. Interactive content keeps the customer or the lead engaged with the content rather than just reading the content.

According to a recent study, it is noted that 81% of B2B marketers said that interactive content grabs better attention than any content and generates more conversions than passive content. But the biggest question that arises is that how you use interactive content effectively in the marketing campaigns? Before knowing the effective ways to use interactive content let’s know the types of interactive content.

There is a total of nine types of interactive content that can be used in marketing campaigns and those are:

  • Quizzes: To discover the audience’s need and the recommendations about the product or service offered by the business.
  • Assessments: To identify the audience’s needs or to diagnose the product’s problems.
  • Surveys and Polls: To know whether you are up-to-the-mark of the audience’s expectations or no.
  • Calculators: Use to show clients how to save money, make money, generate ROI, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), plan their finances, etc. Combine them with content that showcases the value of your product.
  • Contests: To increase engagement and draw customers to your product or service.
  • Infographics: To get a glance through in just one sight. Also includes interactivity points like buttons, animation, clickable links, motion graphics, scrolling effects, etc.
  • Interactive Videos: To entertain, educate, sell, demonstrate, or interact with the audience.

Way to augment interactive content for marketing campaigns:

  • Drive Awareness: When using interactive content in your marketing campaigns, the objective is to generate a response and start a dialogue instead of having a one-sided conversation with potential customers.
  • Lead Generation: How can using interactive content for your marketing campaigns help you get quality leads? Quite simply, if you successfully get the visitor to use your calculator or get to the end of your quiz, they will most probably eagerly share their contact information. That’s because you created content that attracted them and kept them engaged to the end. The interactive content also offered value, which means they can use the information or results to understand their problem better and access a solution.
  • Product Research: Interactive content is one of the most innovative and engaging ways to find out if there’s a need for your product or whether you need to change any features. You can leverage it to find out what your audience exactly wants to see in your product.
  • Increase Conversions: It’s no longer only about how well you can create great messages, but about the kind of experiences you give your audience. And if you need your content to do more than get their attention, you have to put more effort. This means producing content that’s interesting, easily digestible, powerful, and engaging.
  • Collecting Data Effectively: Using interactive content in your marketing campaigns can help you collect valuable data to optimize your marketing strategies. It provides an immersive experience to the viewer, grabs their attention, and personalizes their experiences. The interactive content also makes it easy to persuade your audience to give their contact information to you.

Using interactive content will make a notable difference if used effectively. Use wisely and effectively and attract the maximum number of audience.